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The Literacy in a Box Trust is proud to present its March 2013 HD video

This video runs for 3:27mins.  To watch the longer 10:31mins version on YouTube - click here.

Matching Grant Appeal


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A big thank you to everyone who has so generously supported the project to promote literacy and numeracy in the Philippines by providing Literacy Boxes and local curriculum text books for Filipino children.  Local Rotary Clubs and community leaders will be involved in providing reading programmes and assistance to teachers to ensure that the project has sustainability.

As of the end of March the project had support from 19 clubs in District 1110, plus support from clubs in the Isle of Skye D.1010, Helston Lizard 1290, Worsley D.1280, Prestatyn, 1180, Swindon D.1100, Orpington D.1120 and Bush Hill Park, D.1130.  Based on the pledges currently received from Clubs and Districts, if the Global Grant application is successful, approximately £35,000 will be available for the project.

Our grateful appreciation is extended to all Clubs and Districts who have pledged support to this project to give 2,000 children, scavenging on rubbish tips in Manila, the basic education materials and support we take for granted.  The project will remain open for additional offers of support from both Clubs and Districts until the end of May when the formal grant application will be submitted to the Rotary Foundation.  More information is available here.


Trustees trip to Zambia


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On September 8th Ian Parker and Geoff Lucock set off for Zambia to visit many of the schools that have received Literacy Boxes in the past and to help distribute the newly arrived Literacy Boxes sent as part of the recent matching grant project.

Read the full news item here.

The following photo galleries are available.  Commentaries can be found by clicking on individual images.

Zambia trip, In and around Lusaka, September 2013 - 39 photos

Zambia trip, Matching grant project, September 2013 - 18 photos

Zambia trip, Chipembele, September 2013 - 8 photos

Zambia trip, Project Luangwa, September 2013 - 13 photos

Zambia trip, Msoro, September 2013 - 11 photos


Health, Hunger and Humanity issues engage many governmental minds around the world, but more recently another topic is becoming as important - LITERACY.  Put simply, if you can't read or write, it is virtually impossible to acquire the skills to overcome poverty and support your family, let alone progress in modern society.  Thus, improving levels of literacy has now become a key policy with Rotary and governments on a global basis, as it is seen as key to the development of their respective nations.

This problem of poor literacy was highlighted when two members of the Rotary Club of Roborough, Plymouth saw, independently, the appalling lack of educational resources in schools in Southern Africa and were moved to do something to support the children, who despite being well-mannered and cheerful, had little hope through lack of facilities and the ever present spectre of AIDS.

Critically, chronic under funding of capital expenditure or the parents' inability to fund school fees, supplies and uniforms are at the root of the problem.

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Operation Sunshine, a charity, local to our club, and which is working in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Tanzania was the catalyst to focusing Club minds and following discussions with them, the Rotary Club of Roborough approved a pilot programme of support for schools in Zambia.  School Aid 4 Zambia, as the project became known, sent out educational supplies to two selected schools in Zambia, in boxes similar to those used by the Shelter Box Trust in supporting communities following natural or man-made disasters.  The joy and appreciation at receiving the supplies was heart warming and as a consequence a Trust, independent of the Club, was formed to continue this early work.

The Literacy in a Box Trust, the name approved by the Charity Commission, became a Registered Charity No. 1118177, with a key role of creating awareness and funding streams for the School Aid 4 Zambia programme, along with managing the logistics for sourcing and supplying this educational support to Zambian children.

So far 25 schools in Zambia have received 448 boxes containing enough school supplies for around 11,000 children.  Our primary aim remains to provide continuity of supply to the Zambian schools who have already received our boxes but as funds permit we will expand to other schools in Zambia.  Furthermore if donations are made with a specific request that boxes are sent to a particular destination then we will work with the donor to try to achieve this.  In April 2010 our Trust objectives were broadened to 'advance education, primarily but not exclusively, in schools in Zambia and sub-Saharan Africa' following which we have sent 66 boxes to the Philippines and 35 boxes to Zimbabwe.

For more information on our recent activities, please look at our Facebook page.

More information on Literacy and its place in Rotary service, Zambia and the Literacy Box are available on this web site.  If you feel moved to help the Trust, either as a volunteer or financially the Contacts and links page will give you the information you need.

In anticipation of your support - a big thank you in advance!!

School Aid 4 Zambia, School Aid 4 the Philippines and School Aid 4 Zimbabwe is what we do - The Literacy in a Box Trust is who we are.

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